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Dibangu opened its doors in 2008. After initially offering only ties and bow ties, the company expanded and began designing and selling ascots, shirts, and vests. Now the company offers over 2,000 unique designs!

Our offer is based on natural silks. We love ties and bow ties made of high quality silks, they add character to our accessories. Of course, the shirts and vests we sell are made of the best fabrics and we want every customer who wears dibangu clothes to feel comfortable. We are always waiting for you to come back.

Our business philosophy is simple. Reduce costs and pass the savings on to our customers. Our dedication to efficiency allows us to offer high quality and the best prices.

Today, as the company continues to grow, it continues to maintain the qualities that help attract and retain loyal customers worldwide. We pride ourselves on providing our top-notch customer service! We will make every effort to ensure your complete satisfaction!

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